Day 4

Posted: June 13, 2010 in Uncategorized

It has been 4 days since I have started and I am happy to say I am down 3.4lbs.  Not a huge accomplishment, but I have to start somewhere.   I have had one slip up… on Day 2 I did really great until dinnertime, when my mom made cheeseburger meatloaf…I love cheeseburger meatloaf!!  I didn’t go over board, but I also didn’t eat the 4 oz serving size.  Lucky for me I didn’t gain any weight back, but I also didn’t lose any that day either.  I am managing to keep my calories to about 1600-1700 a day and my fat between 20-30 grams a day.  As I said in a previous post compared to what I used to eat, that’s a huge accomplishment.  Yesterday, I had a small triumph as well, my family went to Wendys and I didn’t eat any fast food which was super hard since all I could smell was yummy french fry goodness!  I have not really incorporated any exercise into my diet yet, because I am afraid that if I change to much all at once I will fail, but I think once I lose about 25 lbs. I will be ready to go.


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