Fluctuating Weight…

Posted: June 20, 2010 in Uncategorized

As I have said before I know weighing everyday is bad, but I do it anyways. I definitely do understand why you shouldn’t though, seeing the numbers go up and down on the scale everyday even though I have not strayed from my diet drive me nuts. The reason I way every day though, is because when I do see that number go down it drives me to keep going. When I see the number randomly go up though, it reminds me that I have to stick to my diet or I will gain even more weight. So even though weighing every day doesn’t work for some people, it is my motivation. Another thing I am using for motivation is a dry erase board. I got a magnetic dry erase board which I stuck to the fridge, to remind me of the progress I am making. That way when I want to stray I just see that board and think differently.


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